About us

About Our Restaurant

It was at the end of the ‘80s that Fabio (Chef and owner) and his partner Aldo (Maitre D and owner), both from the Lazio region of Italy, founded Il Boccalini Restaurant in the city of Montreal. Richly educated at Italian cuisine schools, they immediately started offering meals that are true to those traditions. With these high standards, the restaurant is still standing tall in the Saint-Laurent neighborhood welcoming a loyal clientele and new regulars daily.

The menu features a variety of Italian and Mediterranean specialties like veal shank with roasted eggplant, Milan-style rack of lamb, risotto with tomato sauce and fresh scallops, smoked salmon, and filet mignon. Of course, an assortment of pastas and pizzas are also offered. Il Boccalini also has a good selection of desserts.

Are you ready to be treated as a family member, the Il Boccalini team will offer you an experience out of the ordinary in regards of service and culinary art.
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Chef's Secrets

olive oil

Olive oil

Always use a high quality Olive oil,

Having the perfect base is the secret to all great dishes.

pizza slice

A great Pizza!

To have a great Pizza the key ingredient is a great dough.

The preparation of making a great dough has become an art,

A recipe often shared from generation to generation with slight personalized added touches. Our Chef Fabio has designed a recipe just so, the right amount of toppings on the perfect crust. Try one today you won’t be disappointed.

Buy the Best.

This is not even a secret, but is followed like a religion. If you select only top quality food and prepare it with love and care. Your clients will appreciate how much attention was taken to making your meal perfect.

A wonderful dining experience will always bring the client back